What was he thinking.

I’m pretty sure every football fan was shaking their heads at the end of last night’s NFL, between the Colts and the Patriots….. well the Colts fans might have been thanking god.

The Patriots were up 34-28 with a little over two minutes to go, and they had no time outs left because Head Coach Bill Belichick used them up foolishly earlier in the drive. On fourth and two the patriots attempted a fourth down conversion on their own thirty yard line.

Quarterback Tom Brady fired a checkdown pass to running back Kevin Faulk who made the reception near the first down line, however his forward momentum carried back towards Brady. Faulk was stopped short. Had Belicheck not wasted his timeouts he could have challenged the ruling on the field,  and the booth couldn’t review it because the play occurred before the two minute warning.  The Colts would take the ball and score with 13 seconds remaining in the game.

The smartest play would have been for the pats to punt the ball. If the punter would have neted 30 yards on punt the colts would have had to gone 60 yards rather than the 30.

Even if the Pats made the first down, the Colts still had two minutes and the two minute warning which potentially would have given them the ball with over a minute still remaining. Although the Patriots would have made the Colts drive more difficult.

It was a foolish call because it showed that Bill Belichick had no faith in his defense, even though the defense had limited the Colt’s offense. They were pressuring Peyton Manning, forcing him to make short or incomplete passes.

The call placed a lot of pressure on the defense who couldn’t afford to make a mistake that close to the endzone. If the Patriots pushed back the colts they could have allowed Manning to throw short and just kept the receivers in bounds.

Although it is easier to be the Monday Morning Quarterback.


No test in the west

According to ESPN, Kobe Bryant is overcoming a fever, a scoring fever.


Kobe is soaring above all others.

Bryant has scored forty points in the last three out of six games. Averaging 33.6 points per game this season. So far he has amassed

On Sunday, (11/08/2009) the Lakers soundly defeated the New Orleans Hornets,108-88. Bryant was able to score 28 points in 34 minutes.

Bryant has been averaging 33.6 points, 2.6 assists and 5.7 rebounds per game.

Could Bryant be stopped this year? I think not, Bryant is playing with a strong desire to win another championship.  It will take a strong defense to stop Bryant’s will.  The only other thing that could stop Bryant is the H1N1 virus but not even a flu could stop the Black Mamba.

Out of the last five games, the Lakers have gone into overtime twice.  Once against the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Houston Rockets. It is evident that without Paul Gasol, the Lakers are lacking a strong center force. An injured Bynum is  inconsisent, and a young developing force while Lamar Odom has stepped up his game, nearly averaging a triple double this season.

Seven games into the season, the Lakers are 6-1 and face a weaker Phoenix Suns team in LA. They then travel to Denver to take on the Nuggets, then the Lakers will head home to face off against the Rockets. The Rockets will look to exact revenege on the Lakers’ homecourt.

The Lakers head into Houston and stole the game away with from second half surge and were able to win a close game 103-102.

Those fans of the NBA should watch carefully cause in the next three games. (I predict the Suns or Rockets game) Bryant could score forty points for the hundreth time in his career. Putting him behind Hall of Famers Michael Jordan and Wilt Chamberlain.

According to my roommate, Brett Becker the addition of Ron Artest has been “I like it, i can’t think of anything creative…… even if he punches someone in the face, his upside is better than Trevor Ariza.”

Once Gasol and Bynum return into the line-up, the Lakers will be defintely the best team in the NBA. They are battle tested and have that taste of success in their mouths. They also know the sting of defeat losing to the Boston Celtics in the 2008 Finals.

Even though it is early in the NBA season the Lakers are playing like it is game seven of the NBA finals, the Lakers won’t be in game seven because they will sweep the Celtics in four games. Get those tissues ready Celtics fans. (Or maybe Cavs fans.)




What to watch for.

This should be an interesting week for the sporting world.

The Philadelphia Phillies and the New York Yankees square off in the World Series. The Los Angeles Lakers will lift the 2009 banner to the rafters on Wednesday and look forward to adding another one next to it.

I have listed the games from Monday to Thursday that every sports fan should watch and then I’ll give my prediction for the game.

Monday October 26, 2009

NFL-Philadelphia Eagles vs. Washington Redskins, ESPN 8pm EST

The Philadelphia Eagles head into the nations capital and face off against the Washington Redskins. Brian Westbrook and rookie LeSean McCoy of the Eagles should run the ball over the Redskins defense who might have to sit out this game due to ankle injury.  The Redskins have failed to find offensive constinency at QB while the Eagle defense is standing strong.

Final Score Eagles 24 Washington 10

Tuesday October 27, 2009

NBA-Boston Celtics vs. Cleveland Cavaliers, TNT 7:30 PM EST

The Boston Celtics face off against the Cleveland Cavaliers in Cleveland. Last year the Cavaliers were 39-2 at home during the regular season and hope to continue to their home court success. The Celtics are still a formidable opponent but they have grown older and slower.  The Cavaliers have added Shaquille O’Neal to the roster in hopes of winning that elusive championship.

Final Score Celtics 90 Cavaliers 97

NBA-Los Angeles Lakers vs. Los Angeles Clippers, TNT 10:30 PM EST

The Lakers will raise their banner this week and will hope to repeat a championship season. The Lakers are the preseason to win the championship this year, after replacing Ron Artest with Trevor Ariza.

Final Score Lakers 89 Clippers 80

Wednesday October 28, 2009

MLB- Philadelphia Phillies vs. New York Yankees FOX TBD

The Phillies head into the World series opener as defending champions. The Phillies have been on rest for nearly a week now and may have some rust heading into New York to face off against the Yankees who had to fight off Los Angeles Angels’ comeback attempt. Cliff Lee (14-13 ERA 3.22) will take the mound for the Phillies while C.C. Sabathia (19-8  ERA 3.37) looks to silence Ryan Howard and Jimmy Rollins.

Final Score Phillies 4 Yankees 2

Thursday October 29,2009

CFB-North Carolina vs #13 Virginia Tech ESPN 7:30 PM EST

North Carolina (4-3) will head into Blacksburg and hope to dash the VA tech’s hopes of an ACC championship. The Tarheels nearly upseted Florida State last week,  so they can’t be taken lightly. VA tech is a team on a mission and should be able to take the game easily. Look for N. Carolina to provide an early scare but “Beamer Ball” defense and special teams will make a huge impact, look for a blocked FG or Punt as well as a Defensive TD.

Final Score N. Carolina 10 Virginia Tech 30


Are you one?

One of the worst things in the sports world is the bandwagon fan. Chances are that you have encountered a bandwagon fan, and after reading this field guide, you too, will be able to tell a bandwagon fan from a mile away.

What is a Bandwagon fan? A bandwagon fan is described as a sporting fan that supports a team who has achieved recent success. Usually bandwagon fans cheer on the underdog in the NCAA March Madness tournament, (Sweet 16 or later).

Saddam is a bandwagon Fan

Saddam is a bandwagon Fan

Recent teams with huge bandwagon followings: Tampa Bay Rays (2008), Rutgers Scarlet Knight (2006). University of Florida Gators (2006- Present), New England Patriots (2002-2008). George Mason University (2005)

Attire: The bandwagon fan wears everything in the team’s colors.  The fan’s clothes are all nice, clean and pressed some of them still have the size sticker residue still on it.

Since the fan has not been following the team, the wear and tear of seasons past has not faded the colors of the shirt.  Sweat pants are not stained with ketchup or nacho cheese. The baseball hat is free of the “last-second shot” sweat and tears.  T-shirts have their original shape and size since they have not been stretched out in celebration or in utter embarrassment.

Note: The bandwagon fan keeps all their clothing in “returnable” condition, so in case the team makes an early exit in the playoffs, the bandwagon can make back his money for the next team.

Habitat: The bandwagon fan emerges after the midway point of the season. They congregate around the TVs of a bar, or they can be found at any gathering of bandwagon fans, primarily at tailgating parties.

Boston, New York, Los Angeles are the hot-spots for bandwagon fans. Because of the media driven teams in the area people are motivated by the team’s success and their attempt to look “hip”.

Natural Predators: The natural predator of the bandwagon fan is the true-blooded fan. The true fan has remained loyal to the team for many years.

Majority of the time, becoming a team fan is a family tradition. True Fans have been breed to cheer for the team, they have grown up knowing the heroes of the past and they know the pain of failure.

Usually, sports fans are happy to be among their own, however they will quickly turn on the fan who can’t remember the storylines of last season, or cannot converse in “sports’ talk”

How to tell if you are a bandwagon fan:

1.)    If you are under the age of 25 and have not followed a certain team for five plus years.

2.)    If you can not name five players on the team minus the star players (this is lowered to three for basketball teams)

3.)    If you don’t follow the team from year to year.

4.)    When the team makes a big roster move, and you don’t know about it with 24 hours. (Exception: If you are away from means of communication, the 24-hour mark starts when you regain communication.)

When it is okay to be a bandwagon fan:

1.)When your rival team is playing a team in playoffs. (ex. NY Yankee fans cheering for Tampa Bay Rays when they faced the Boston Red Sox)

2.)When you are a beginning sports fan. If there isn’t have a “family team”, you are given a five year grace period.


Overhyped and Underachieving.

QB Tim Tebow evades LSU defense

QB Tim Tebow evades LSU defense

This past Saturday, I was sitting around anxiously awaiting eight o’clock game between the University of Florida Gators and the LSU Tigers.  Hyped to be one of the best games of the season but I was thoroughly disappointed and had my opinions of Florida as #1 validated.

Florida headed to Baton Rouge, LA to prove that they deserved to be number one, and they showed that being number one is just a popularity poll.  The Gator defense played great again. Getting their fifteenth straight game with an interception, however the offense was a complete disappointment.  The majority of the offensive production came from TE Aaron Hernandez and RB Jeffery Demps. Who combined for 156 of 327 yards. Most of those yards coming on swing passes and screens.

Throughout the game, Florida QB Tim Tebow struggled to find any offensive momentum against an inferior defense. WR Riley Cooper scored the only touchdown in the game after he pulled on the Tiger defender, knocking him off balance and lead to a wide-open Cooper.  The Gators had another opportunity to score but were stopped three times in the red zone and then Caleb Sturgis missed an easy twenty-five yard field goal.

The Tiger offense was just as horrible managing only 162 yards. Tiger QB Jordan Jefferson completed 11 of 17 for 96 yards and had one interception. The sophomore QB never found his groove as the Florida defensive line was able to apply pressure constantly. His constant attempts to extend the play and scramble killed all offensive momentum for the tigers.

I’m going to state this right from the beginning, that I do NOT believe Florida is worthy of the number one ranking. They have played five games so far, and only two of these games were any competition.

In the first week, Florida faced off against Charleston Southern (W 63-3). Which was barely a football game at all; rather it was a practice for the Gators. The second week, the Gators faced Troy; winning the game 56-6 again they faced a team that was not able to play against the defending national champions. Despite playing both of these games, Florida remained number one, receiving 56 first place votes both weeks.

I understand that schools schedule “tune-up” games in the beginning for the team, but in those two weeks, we had matchups that meant so much more, Alabama vs. Virginia Tech, Oklahoma vs. BYU.  These games proved that Alabama and BYU were superior teams, because they faced off against quality opponents.

When facing ranked opponents, Florida has failed to show that competitive edge. That attitude that shows they are the best. In both games, the Gators’ offense faced a strong defense. However, the defense has not been challenged yet, as they have faced young offenses in Tennessee and LSU.

Despite not being challenged yet the Gators have remained at number one, and look to remain there barring an upset. Until Florida faces a “quality” opponent such as Alabama, Virginia Tech, Texas, or USC, I argue that Florida does not deserve #1.


Review of the first weeks

Did you hear that? The sound of four teams’  national title hopes crashing into pieces, and the sound of two Heisman winners falling to injury.

Over the past few days, the college football world has seen the national championship picture change radically. On Thursday, unranked South Carolina took down #4 Ole Miss 16-10.  Last night, the Iowa Hawkeyes went into Happy Valley and stole any dreams of a National title away from the #5 Penn State Nittany Lions.

Last week, Washington took down powerhouse #3 USC 16-13. USC should not worry though, they have a strong team that might be better team than the one in Oakland (sorry raider fans). However, the  PAC-10 needs to have a strong season if USC has any hopes of national title contention.

The opening week saw Heisman trophy winner, Sam Bradford’s Oklahoma Sooners lose to Brigham Young 16-13.  Bradford was sidelined with a shoulder injury halfway through the game and still hasn’t had meaningful practice time since.

Gator fans witnessed that Tim Tebow is not a football god, as he was knocked out of  the game vs Kentucky. But fans don’t worry, Tebow will released a statement saying he will work harder than anyone else and will bring the championship back to Gainesville.  Don’t worry if you miss the memo, ESPN will play it 24hrs for the next three days.

We are three weeks into the college football season, we have seen USC, Ole Miss, Penn State, Notre Dame, and Oklahoma upset. Tebow taken down, and thet BCS grumblings have begun. What will the next few weeks bring is any fans’ guess.

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